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Yoga: why it’s important to remember its connection to spirituality

Yoga – it’s not just exercise. It’s an holistic practice created to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health. However, a recent article by The Metro revealed a concern that yoga is losing its connection to spirituality, due in part to the way in which it’s portrayed on social media.

In the article, the head of the leading professional body for yoga teachers expressed that the photos that come up when you search for the term ‘yoga’ on Instagram depict yoga ‘as something of an exercise routine’, rather than a practice created to improve mental and spiritual well-being, too.

In fact, many of the poses used in yoga classes have a direct connection to spirituality – it isn’t just about getting your exercise fix, it’s about feeling the spiritual impact of the pose, too. The Himalayan Yoga Institute details some of the poses that have a deeper spiritual meaning.

The Lotus Pose

In the lotus position, the human body represents the lotus flower. The physical human body is the roots of the lotus flower, firmly embedded in the muddy water – or in the everyday world.

The mind represents the lotus flower blooming above the water in the Devine world. When performed properly, the lotus position inspires complete detachment – the same way in which water never attaches (or sticks) to a lotus flower.

The Warrior Pose

Due to its focus on extended leg and arm position and engaged core, the warrior pose helps people to build physical strength and inner strength. The idea of the warrior pose is to help you to embrace courage, bravery and strength – warrior traits – and let go of ego and ignorance.

The Tree Pose

One of the most recognised yoga positions, the tree position helps practisers to improve their balance. While the feet remain firm to the ground, the body can very subtly sway, representing that while we’re firmly in this world, our time here is transient.

YoYoga Mats Help you to Embrace Your Spirituality

Here at YoYoga, we believe spirituality is an essential part of practising yoga, which is why we have created our yoga mats. With each yoga mat designed around an array of spiritual needs, we help our customers to benefit from a completely holistic approach to improving wellness through yoga.

The subtle differences in each of our mats allow your chakras – or energy centres – to remain open while you’re practising, helping with physical and spiritual energy flows.

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