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Can Yoga Help You to Lose Weight?

We know that practicing yoga is a healthy lifestyle choice, but can it help you to lose weight?

Yoga is an aerobic exercise, which means it can help you to lose weight when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

In this blog, we’ll answer the common questions people ask when researching yoga to lose weight, including which type of yoga is best when losing weight is your end goal.

What type of yoga is best for weight loss?

To lose weight, you need to practice a style of yoga that increases your heart rate and includes weight-bearing positions.            

One of the more demanding styles of yoga is flow yoga, which encompasses Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Power Yoga. These yoga styles demand more from your muscles which in turn, burn more calories.

How many calories can you burn in a yoga session?

The more advanced or longer a yoga class is, the more calories you’ll burn. According to Healthline, a 60-minute yoga session can burn between 180 and 460 calories.

Bikram yoga (hot yoga), which is practiced at a room temperature of 40 degrees, is one of the highest calorie-burning styles of yoga, with some people burning around 300-400 calories per session.

Getting yourself in the mental space for weight loss

Yoga isn’t the most effective way to lose weight on its own. But practicing yoga does help to put you into a stronger, more positive mindset – this all helps with the weight loss journey.

Studies show that people who practice yoga over a six-month period lose more weight than people who just stretch, demonstrating the impact of the mindfulness element of yoga.

Start your weight loss journey with a YoYoga yoga mat

YoYoga believes that yoga is as much about mindfulness and spiritual energy as it is about keeping physically fit and healthy. That’s why our yoga mats have been designed and created to align with your body’s energy points. If you’re looking to use yoga to lose weight, YoYoga mats will help you to do so with an holistic approach.  Browse our full range of yoga mats online.

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