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7 Simple, Stress-Relieving Suggestions: Stress Awareness Month 2022

Since 1992, April has been recognised as Stress Awareness Month in the UK.

This year, the topic of focus is community – something very important to us at YoYoga!

Stress is something that most of us will encounter throughout our lives to varying degrees. Certain amounts of stress are often regarded as “normal”, or even beneficial, but when the impact of stress becomes overwhelming, it can be severely harmful to our health.
In order to work through feelings of stress and learn how manage it during the course of everyday life, there are many different methods that have been proven to help.

Just as stress impacts us all in different ways, everyone copes with stress differently. It’s important to remember that not all of these measures will work for everyone, but that it’s always worth experimenting until you find the tools that work for you.

Our simple tips for relieving stress

When you’re caught up in a state of stress, you may not feel like you have any time to spare.

Making certain lifestyle changes can be a great way to prevent stress, but, once that feeling is present, it can be difficult to overcome.
Even when life feels hectic, we can always find five minutes, especially when it’s important for our health.

Here are some short and simple things you can do next time you feel like stress is getting the better of you. The best part is that none of them need to take any longer than five minutes if you don’t want them to!

  1. Have a warm shower
    2. Read a poem
    3. Count your breaths
    4. Do some stretches
    5. Listen to your favourite song
    6. Go for a walk around the block
    7. Meditate – close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you

When stressed, we may often feel as though we already have too much going on and not enough time to take on any more commitments, but once you discover a successful way to handle these feelings of stress in the moment, you may also feel ready to incorporate some more long-term solutions into your life.

There are many things we can do to help enhance our sense of community, and although these activities may take ever so slightly longer, the long-term positive impact they could have is immeasurable.

Here are some lengthier (yet still simple!), community-focused activities that can help prevent stress from becoming overwhelming:

  1. Attend a fitness class
    2. Volunteer for a cause that’s close to your heart
    3. Yoga!
    4. Go to a meditation class
    5. Join a local sports team

Please bear in mind that for some people, these may only provide temporary solutions. If you feel that you are experiencing stress to a more severe level that causes you discomfort or distress, it is important to reach out for professional support. Remember that stress is just as valid as any mental health issue, and it deserves your attention. Be kind to yourself, always.

Access to resources for stress management

There are plenty of free resources available on the Stress Management Society website, or you can reach out to your GP for help and support.

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