Our yoga mats are on a mission. A mission to make yoga accessible for everyone, celebrate all bodies, and shake up the ‘yogi’ stereotype. Eco-friendly and available in a range of colours, each YoYoga mat is aligned to a particular chakra. Guidance markers and unrivalled grip let you practice yoga with confidence.

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Hi. We’re YoYoga and we believe that yoga is for everybody.

Whether you practice on your kitchen floor, your granny’s garden, or that one secluded spot you discovered at the beach, your YoYoga mat will be there to offer everything you need for the perfect yoga experience.

We started YoYoga with a mission. A mission to make yoga accessible for everyone, by embracing all body types and fitness levels. We want you to be a part of our growing community, sharing what you love about yoga and showing us your YoYoga mat in action.

Above all, we want to celebrate you.

Join the YoYoga community. Everybody’s welcome.

We know that yoga can seem a bit intimidating to people just starting out. With all this talk of chakras, alignment and flow, you might not know where to begin. That’s why we put together a handy chakra guide to help you find your perfect YoYoga mat.

Why do you do yoga? Is it how you practice self-care after a busy day of running around after the kids? Maybe you like to get a quick practice in during your lunch break, to help you destress and refocus for the afternoon ahead. Or perhaps it helps you stretch out your tired muscles after football practice at the weekend.

No matter who you are or why you practice yoga, your YoYoga mat will be there for you.

This is yoga, reimagined. This is yoga, fresh and fearless. This is yoga, on your terms.

Psst … we’re kind to the planet too

At YoYoga, we believe in promoting sustainability. That’s why all our mats are made from eco-friendly polyurethane, a biodegradable material that’s far better for the environment than PVC. In addition, we only use high-grade, non-toxic and eco-friendly ink.

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my yoga mat. It was delivered so quickly, thank you. I am so pleased with the quality, the colour, the design. It is grippy and soft and it gives me joy each time I practice.


I like the mat markings for all the angles and the fact that they come in chakra colours is a double win for me

Lauren, yoga devotee

I practice hot yoga regularly so need a mat that provides a strong grip and the YoYoga mat does! I am so happy with it

Sarah, hot yoga enthusiast

I’m pretty critical when it comes to my yoga mat and my YoYoga mat has not disappointed! I have a green heart chakra mat and I’m loving it

Aimee, owner of Yoga Lounge, Bournemouth

Wow. This mat has made me so much more confident in my sessions, really impressed with this - such good quality.

Lisa, yoga fan

I was very impressed with the Yo Yoga mat, amazing grip at an amazing price. I will definitely be recommending this to others!


5 stars! I love my mat with its inspiring design and comfort. My mat is my connection with myself and my practice and I am enjoying using it more each day.

Darren, hot Pilates teacher

I’m loving my new mat. The grip is great and I feel like it’s completely transformed my yoga practice. Also love the colours!

Violet, Yoga Lounge member

I was pleasantly impressed by this mat. In the first place the grip is fantastic, I don’t slip even in the sweatiest practice. The green colour is particularly bright and is an invitation to joy

Simona, yoga influencer

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