Our yoga mats are on a mission. A mission to make yoga accessible for everyone, celebrate all bodies, and shake up the ‘yogi’ stereotype. Eco-friendly and available in a range of colours, each YoYoga mat is aligned to a particular chakra. Guidance markers and unrivalled grip let you practice yoga with confidence.

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You want your yoga mat to last a long time, but not to surpass human life! While every manufactured product impacts the environment to some degree,Yo Yoga ensures that cost is as low as possible. Our mats are made with polyurethane, or PU, a biodegradable material far less harmful to the environment than PVC, the primary ingredient in many run-of-the-mill yoga mats. It also has the strength of plastic and the flexibility of rubber but it’s super breathable. Yo Yoga keeps your practice heart-centered.



You probably know from experience that a mat either supports or injures your practice. If your effort is going toward trying to save yourself from slipping, then you’re not engaging with your flow, and you’re missing the whole point of yoga. A good yoga mat should give you non-slip protection, that’s expected. But a high performance mat should guarantee a grip that stands up against time, sweat, movement, heat, and washing. Whether you’re into Ashtanga, Bikram, or Yin, a Yo Yoga mat absorbs your movement, time after time. It has moisture wicking to keep you firmly grounded, and it resists wear and tear. Yo Yoga keeps your practice strong.



Proper physical alignment is critical for joint health, muscle performance and power, and overall safety. But focusing all your attention on alignment can distract you from uniting with your movement. Your Yo Yoga mat features an alignment guide that encourages safe and effective positioning for different asanas. But true alignment isn’t just about the placement of your hands and feet. It’s a feeling of centeredness, feet planted firmly on the ground, tapped into your source of power. How well your chakras are aligned has a powerful impact on your practice and sense of wellbeing. Yo Yoga mats inspire balanced energies by aligning with your guiding chakra. Yo Yoga keeps your practice balanced.
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